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Molokaʻi-Style Entrepreneurship is Flourishing

Kanoelani Davis, the owner of PoMahina Designs, propelled her business to success with savvy internet skills and long hours.

In 2011, Davis was running a part-time home-based business from her truck. She hand-printed her original designs and sewed fabric into wearable art. When she was laid off from her well-paying job Davis decided to focus on PoMahina Designs. “I was a single parent of four children, and it was nearly impossible to find work. I opted to go full-time with PoMahina Designs with the help of my daughters, hula students, and friends. And I relied on my Molokaʻi mentality by living and working within my means,” said Davis.

Her strategy was to create a prominent social media brand plus e-commerce. With revenue from her initial sales, she purchased printing machines and employed local seamstresses. As she grew more successful, she expanded her products and switched to off-island production. Her strategy worked. In 2019, Davis was invited to close London Fashion week. Her designs have also been featured in other international shows. In the future, Davis plans to bring her clothing production back to Molokaʻi.

To read more about the flourishing entrepreneurs on Molokai and the full story, visit:

Photo Caption: Kanoelani Davis, the CEO, owner, and creative force behind PoMahina Designs with her youngest daughter, Kuaolamaikekuahiwi Chin. Clothing created by PoMahina Designs is made to order with customers choosing from a variety of fabric options.

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