The fern of emotional awe and the inexplicable, ‘Ākōlea is the personification of Divine Wonder. Just 1-5 drops of this charismatic and whimsical Fern Essence in food, drink, or directly under the tongue and experience a shift into the surrendering of all that is AWEsome.

'Ākōlea Fern Essence Hydrosol (WONDER)


    • comes in 1.oz frosted glass vessel with dropper

    • ‘Ākōlea (Ctenitis) , endemic to the Hawaiian islands, is energetically feminine and thrives best in dense, lush forests in the Hawaiian uplands. She loves the company of many species and is therefore versed in the skill of community.

    • This energetic Fern Medicine is especially helpful in supporting a relinquishing from “control” and to allow, more freely, the subtle and sophisticated flow of nature and the natural world.

    • ****All water resourced for the purpose of ingestion is purified via steam distillation.

    • The result of hydrosol distillation of ‘Ākōlea using sacred Wailuku River water.**

    • The hydrosole extraction is then placed in a glass or stone bowl which sits atop a copper coiling and connected to a frequency speaker. This speaker transmits i’i Hawaiian chanting (vibrato) into the hydrosol.

    • 22-27% organic, gluten-free alcohol, made of fermented Noni fruit, added for preservation

    • Take 1-5 drops daily either directly under tongue or with food or drink. Let the download and recognition begin!