The stoic Pā’iwa’iwa Fern (Maidenhair) is the personification of Divine Truth.  Just 1-5 drops of the deliciously subtle Fern Essence in food or drink and experience a shift towards the recognition of truth, that which is in yourself and that which is all around!

Pā'iwa'iwa Fern Essence Hydrosol (TRUTH)

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    • comes in 1.oz frosted glass vessel with dropper

    • Pā’iwa’iwa is also known as Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum Capillus), as is considered one of the more fragile species. She is energetically feminine and holds the codes to our primordial Truth.

    • The result of hydrosoled oil distillation of Pā’iwa’iwa using sacred Wailuku River water. **

    • The hydrosoled extraction is then placed in a glass or stone bowl which sits atop a copper coiling and connected to a frequency speaker. This speaker transmits i’i Hawaiian chanting (vibrato) into the hydrosol.

    • Small amount of organic food grade alcohol added for preservation

    • A flyer detailing this process will accompany your Fern Essence Hydrosol.

      ****All water sourced for the purpose of ingestion is purified via steam distillation.