Named after my tūtū, this pieces are of lava stone sustainably gathered outside of Hawai’i. They are reminders of the power of Pele and the way our islands have been and are being formed. I have found they are great to hold essential oils as well. I use them for either scents or medicines that I need to carry through out the day.


Wahinepōʻaimoku means the land-eating woman of the night. Another name for Pele.


• Jewelry by Kū Driven

• Earrings 3”

• Necklace 18”

• Bracelet includes a single jade and gold accents

• Sets available

• Gold-Filled so enjoy them in water or use everyday. They won’t tarnish like gold plated.

• Custom length available, please note. Anything longer has an extra charge per inch.

• Pieces will vary in shades, we always take the time to sort, size and color each piece with patience and aloha.

Wahinepōʻaimoku Set

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