Aloha, it's Kanoelani Davis & Kulani Jeremiah-Wong, two Native Hawaiian Women finding themselves learning and rising in a world full of challenges. Being vulnerable and sharing in their story creates faith for others to believe that they too can overcome anything.

Join us on our podcast. 

Meet The Team

Kanoelani Davis

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Kanoelani Davis is a single mother of four daughters on the island of Molokai. She has struggled through child-hood trauma that many don't know about along with trying to survive with four little ones under her wing. She has proven successful, now, with two daughters with college degrees and two at home, she also owns a successful Native Hawaiian wearable arts / fashion business called PoMahina Designs, teaches classes to youth and adults in the practice of Ho'a Mana, while being active in her community. Her latest endeavor is her newest business, MANA Bombs, LLC. 

"Many don't know that I have 40 years of hula and 15 years of martial arts under my belt, both practices started at the age of two. In the combination of discipline it has really shaped my perspective in dealing with life's adversities and boy, I've gone through a lot, but I hope in some ways it inspires others to see that can attain their goals and be successful." - Kanoelani

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Kulani Jeremiah-Wong

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Kulani Jeremiah-Wong, is a native Hawaiian / Maori born and raised on the North Shore of Oʻahu in Hawaiʻi. She is a single mother of one daughter (27) and has six beautiful grandbabies (3 girls & 3 boys).  She is a Polynesian dancer of more than 20 years and a music enthusiast, self-proclaimed karaoke queen, a non-traditional student who returned to university and graduated with a BA and MA in Hawaiian Studies and a PoMahinaholic.


"Through PoMahina Designs, I have been able to be a part of the support team BTS of multiple fashion shows, then eventually asked to walk the runway, travel internationally and sing in the final designers showcase during London fashion week. My goal this year is to own one piece of PoMahina fashion for each day of the year." - Kulani

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Daily MANA Bombs

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