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7 Heathy Shifts for 2021

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Shifts we can all incorporate into our lives

Hey viewers I hope you are all doing great. It’s me Kanoelani Davis with my sweetest co-host Kulani Jeremiah-wong. Once again we both are together with a new outlook we want to share to make you all feel like a family. Because it’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about us.

Today our topic of interest is the changes or shifts we all can engage to make our lives better. Recently, I posted on Instagram about this and wow what a response we gathered.

These things are used as a shift to make your life turn for the good. Feel free to listen to our recent podcast which is called 7 Healthy Shifts by MANA Bombs Podcast powered by PoMahina Designs.

Talking is one way to heal but if there is no one to talk to, you're not alone. We are here to inspire you & encourage you at every up and down of your life.

Let’s move on further and talk about those 7 shifts that we consider as main points in our lives;

1 making time for yourself

We all know that in a world of hurry we even forget about our dinners and lunches sometimes, we forget our birthdays in remembering the birthdays of our loved ones. We forget about the importance of giving to ourselves. It's the necessity of the human body and mind. We all need to take care of it as much as we could.

2 owning the accomplishments

Plans and future planning is everybody’s habit. But making your plans and ending them in the form of accomplishment is all you need. It’s a great shift to owning your accomplishments and using them as a better source of living life fully.

3 Practice kindness

Kindness is the easiest and most important habit. You can use this kindness, not on yourself but also on others. We practice kindness to others but what about our self?

How can you do justice with yourself? We all need to practice it on daily basis by giving our self some kindness some personal care, effort, rest, and time as well. Things go smoothly by doing such a small deed for yourself.

4 Gratefulness

Thanking God, the universe, thanking our self and all those people who put their efforts into making our past and every year bright is so essential. We as a human have such a bad habit that we use our brains and heart to gather and remember only the sadness and forget about the happy hours. Instead of which we all need to be very grateful to every single person that makes a major or minor impact on our life. Giving respect and love is the key to a peaceful life.

5 Accepting the reality and truth

Truth and realities hit hard but once we pass on from them then it’s easy to accept it today or tomorrow. We all have some broken parts and images not only in our heads but in our lives also. Facing those parts and accepting those bitter truths and realities are very helpful in growing fast. As a single mother, I embraced reality and focused on my goals knowing I had great responsibilities and lives to take care of. I had no time to play the victim, I needed to accept and find my strength to continue forward.

6 Mutual beneficial relationships

Mutual beneficial relationships are those in which you and your partner both get benefit, love, care, respect time from each other. And in return, you will earn a happy and healthy relationship, friendship, etc.

The necessity of such a relationship is very high in this remote world because we only care about the one-sided relationship. But what about the other side? How can a person overcome such a situation?

Kulani found this person, he helped her in finding the true meaning of life. He loved her just the way a person could love the other. He was charming. She shared these things in the podcast that you may want to consider listening to if you have lost someone close, or have someone like this in your life, it helped her and now it's our turn to share about such experiences so that it can help others.

7 investing in self-care

Giving you a chance to grow. A chance to live happily and a chance to do whatever you want. Self-care is not just about taking rest, eating healthy, and sleeping well. It’s about thinking about how could you grow your abilities, establishing a balance between good or bad, balancing, and maintaining a healthy life with success. Taking care of your happiness, choices, dreams, and most importantly your peace.

For me giving immense care to myself is the thing I need to practice. It not only inspires me but also gives hope for an upcoming better future.

Please let us know about your shifts. Is there any shift you could relate to?

Share your experiences and stories with us on our social media.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe to MANA Bombs Podcast on YouTube & Anchor. Till then take care and stay blessed.

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