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Appropriation or Appreciation

"What does responsible fashion mean from an Indigenous wearable arts perspective? Who can wear what? Is it appropriate? Let's dive into the minds of the creators of Indigenous wearable arts, regalia, costume, and the use of motifs. When is fashion cultural appropriation? And when is it cultural appreciation?" - Jordan / Wanderful Travel

To listen in on the workshop check out this video on Facebook on PoMahina Designs or Wanderful.

Here's a quick post from @Jolienecarolina on IG Sharing her thoughts as she listened in.


Cigarette smoking in leather jackets used to be all the cool rebel rage. 🤦‍♀️ But those days are LOOOONG gone. ❤️‍🔥 What’s the new rebel fashion? Cutting edge fashionably responsible design, designers, & digs! And the best part is, it’s not just a trend. It’s here to stay. The fashionably responsible design includes movements like #slowfashion . But it also includes fashion that doesn’t appropriate. 💫 Think of “Inspired native” v. “native-inspired” clothing (@louiegong [Nooksack], founder of @eighthgeneration designs). Digs created by indigenous designers rather than folks taking patterns from indigenous communities, as an example. 🧐 Still confused about the difference between appropriation & appreciation? Don’t be embarrassed! A lot of folks have those kinds of confusion & questions. The worse thing you could do is to ignore it, as that’s when learning & ultimately chances for healing stops. No thanks! Listen in to 🤍 Kanoelanie Davis’ (Hawaiian) 🤍 talk “Appropriation or Appreciation: How to be Fashionably Responsible” for a headstart on the topic. It’ll leave you with tools and questions that’ll only lead you to keep learning. ✨ Short list of what you’ll learn: ✨

☑️ How to ask better questions

☑️ What to do beyond just reading

& googling to “do your homework” on & learn about cultural appreciation

☑️ Why “mistakes,” even when they involve mistakenly offending someone, can be valuable

☑️ The vital importance of listening and observing

☑️ Some reasons a tribal tattoo isn’t a grand idea, & that you might not have thought of

☑️ Hawaiian ways of thinking & experiencing the world

☑️ & so much more 🫶 🌺 This talk is REQUIRED VIEWING for ANYONE who considers themselves a CONSCIOUS, CONSCIENTIOUS, ETHICAL TRAVELER! 🌺🫶

🤍 Mahalo Kanoelani of @pomahinadesigns & @sheswanderful for this superb event 🤍

YouTube URL for video:

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