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Do everything as if you know it’s all going to work out!

Aloha! Hope you are doing great it’s me Kanoelani Davis and my co-host Kulani Jeremiah-Wong with another episode of MANA Bombs powered by Pomahina Designs.

Today our topic of discussion is that we should do each and everything as it’s all going to work out today or tomorrow.

I and Kulani discuss it in detail in this podcast that you all love to listen to. VISIT PODCAST HERE >>> MANA BOMBS PODCAST.

The first thing that came to our minds while discussing this is to overcome our fears. We are practicing doing healthy things, (Check out our podcast on 7 healthy shifts to try) and we all should be confident about the things we are doing for our betterment. We tend to ask ourselves are we good enough, way too often.

We all know that each act only belongs to us and nobody else and there should be no regret while doing our choices. Whatever we are offering is not affecting anybody else. Try to make your choices on your own, especially if you know it's right for YOU. As your choice is yours, so are your successes and failures and both have learning experiences to always upgrade.

The foundation of our choices is Believing in ourselves, believing in our abilities. No matter what happens, failing is not a bad thing, we all learn something from failures. There is no room for failure.

I don’t have anything to fear but fear itself.

We all want to live our lives without any regret. Don’t worry a lot about how you will pass on any specific win or failure. It’s just a matter of fact or a single movement. We have the strength to make anything possible by nature. We can’t deny it, just go with the flow.

Kanoelani shares "When I was in high school, every year I was in the principal's office for fighting...." "....My principal told me something that stuck with me for decades, he told me I was a lost cause and would never amount to anything, which was devastating to me. But I used it to grow and in my mind wanted to prove him absolutely wrong. He was a catalyst to my determination and to be honest, I thank my past for that experience." Kanoelani shares that when she'd fight it was because her friends were being bullied, which leads us to confidence.

Let's stop being judgmental and cruel to others. Let's stop feeling devalued and move with confidence. By doing so, we worry less about judging ourselves and those around us.

As human beings we all have to keep an eye on those we hold close, check-in on your people, is there anybody who needs you. Kulani shares, "Talk with your friends, it helps. It helps me process and I look for inspiration because I trust them to not be judgemental. As we need help, so do they, so check-in and don't be afraid to say, hey, do you have time? I just need to talk."

Do you believe in manifestation, prayers, self or all of the above?

For us manifestation is real. Our thoughts could be real in no time. There is nothing that is not possible. However, being positive is all you need.

Kulani shares about her husband's role in his beautiful life and much more. If you wanted to know about all these things then don't wait and just jump in to this episode of the podcast.

It's a beautiful, empowering story of what positive partnerships can do.


Start now with your vision, goals, manifest, pray, and do the inner work to make your dreams come true. You'll learn two styles: traditional (cut and paste) and non-traditional (digital) via ZOOM. Come meet others and be inspired. Classes are $25 and the deadline to sign up is 1/15/21. Click our google docs form to sign up >> VIRTUAL VISION BOARD PARTY.

Signing off and please don’t forget to love yourself more than anything.

Say positive! Get inspired! Be strong! And all of the above trust in yourself, in your abilities, and then nothing will be impossible.

Stay tuned! Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to MANA Bombs podcasts. Till then stay happy and blessed. See you next time, with another interesting topic in the next episode.

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