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Does what hurt you, haunt you?

Aloha! It’s me Kanoelani Davis and Kulani Jeremiah-Wong and today we are back with Episode 4 of MANA Bombs powered by PoMahina Designs. *DISCLAIMER - This is a deep one folks and may insight triggers. We talk about sexual violence and heartache. Please be aware that by no means do we want to trigger anyone's trauma, we are merely sharing our own personal experiences along with solutions on how we moved out of those spaces.

ENGAGEMENT: We hold on to attachments due to fear, how do we detach?

The past is a major and effective part of everybody's life. I learned a saying by a kupuna (elder) in our community years ago, "What happened to us 5 seconds ago, is the result of what's happening right now. The result of what will happen in 5 seconds from now is based on this very moment." - yeah, I imagined you read that a few times, I had to live it in my head till I fully grasped it. I love riddles and yet this one is so clear and concise.

Let's evolve and in that let's reveal and expose where we are truly at. Are we clear from the past or are we present in it?

We are going to share our own stories and experiences to connect our lives with yours. We are here to inspire you while instilling courage to share.

Without fear in your heart feel free to share. You can message us directly on our anchor/fm site >> MANABombsPodcast and we can listen to it and provide some of our experiences of our resilience and perseverance. Just the way we are sharing here with all of you. No judgement, only aloha!

In this podcast, Kulani is shares one of her experiences with courage and confidence. You see, Kulani suffered from a major experience that not only shattered her internally but also externally.

Kulani was 16 years old when she wanted to attend a party, which her mother didn't agree to. As a kolohe (rascal) teenager, she decided to go anyways. This is where things turned in her life. (please be wary when moving forward in this reading, it's a sensitive subject that might insight triggers. We move to sexual violence.) I'll leave the story open ended here and implore you, if and when you're ready to listen to Episode 4.

That event left Kulani closed inwards for five years of

darkness, questioning and processing, something that took a toll on her.

Let's talk about detachment of our hurts, pains and past trauma.

I also suffered from similar situations, a few times. In 2017, it was the “Me Too” campaign that awoke a part of me that I didn't realize I kept in my depths. It took reading what other's shared to feel the bravery I needed to address these things for myself.

In this episode, Kulani and I shed tears, you see Kulani was there for me during that time. "Tears are the recognition of the fight" said Kulani. "That made you even more brave and firm in every good and bad situation. Innocence goes away in such situations" according to Kulani, "it’s important to be strong and get mature as soon as possible otherwise this hard world will not let you live freely with your innocence." - "being around such courageous people makes these situations smoother and easy."

I thanked Kulani for sharing her precious experience with us. Choosing MANA Bombs as a source of sharing sorrows, hurtful memories, & experiences, while not forgetting to share the success and joys.

Even I had a lot of fears, fears of not getting rid of old memories, thoughts, and experiences. Fears of the harsh past, fears of bad incidents. Fear of fake identities, fear of losing my loved ones. Fear of not getting detached from these things on my own.

I knew that all I needed was to bring in new thoughts, positive vibes, and people who encourage us, to let us breathe fully. In the end, it’s about you and your happiness. Without acknowledging and facing our roots, we hold onto them.

Let us not sit in the fears of the unknown. Let's move through it without fear.

As we continue on, we talk about heartache and patterns we find ourselves in, regarding relationships with partners, friends and family. We share how sometimes we wonder, "why does this keep happening to me, all i want is to be happy" We talk about why can't I find or keep healthy relationships.

I hope this podcast helps you in collecting all that courage to share your bad or good experiences with us or trusted family or friends. Don't forget that, you are not alone; we are always here for you as a family.

Thank you so much for reading and being a part of our life!

Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to the MANA Bombs powered by PoMahina designs. Till then take care, stay blessed, and stay happy.

We will be back with another epode and another story. Stay tuned.

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