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Episode 8: EFF the fears, I'm walking in scared!

FOCUS: Anxiety & self-doubt is prevalent in society. What is one experience you've had where you were uncomfortable but pushed yourself to do it knowing it was good for you? How did you take your first step? How did it end up for you?

Hi! It's Kanoelani Davis and Kulani Jeremiah-wong and today we are once again sitting together to present your MANA bombs powered by PoMahina Designs.

Today our topic of discussion is how we all are living in a world of fears and how to get rid of them once and for all.

Here Kulani tells us about her story of walking on the runway. How she pushed through and how she came out as a new Kulani. She shares about a stigma, that is common for bigger people in modeling fashion and how she develops and gathers her courage to go through it.

Kulani also brings up a specific experience from another year on the runway regarding how I had my models embrace their "trigger" words. You know the ones that light a fire in you and you don't recognize where it is coming from? She shared how I asked them to wear their word on a piece of tape of their mouth while walking the runway and then ripping it off at the end and throwing it down. This was a powerful moment for her and for myself.

I myself, share the aspect of "leaving scared" is just as important as "going in scared". From the realm of an unhealthy relationship and losing the courage to walk away. Being surrounded by negative people is just like living in hell by choice when you can live in paradise. So before thinking about the harm, tensions, and heartbreak that you have to suffer after getting out of it. You must consider the positive aspects.

How do I find the courage and the bravery? I think we figured out one good method of practice, please take a listen to our podcast. >> MANA Bombs Podcast

If you are facing or ever faced the same kind of fears in your life, don’t forget to share your story with us on our social media. @pomahinadesigns

Like, comment, and share our podcasts MANA Bombs powered by PoMahina Designs.

We will back soon with another episode and with another story. Till then stay blessed, happy, and stay tuned.

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