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Experience & Skill Building with PoMahina Designs

PoMahina Designs owner and creative director, Kanoelani Davis, finds comfort in her company not only as a wearable arts space to share the stories and names of elements with her indigenous culture as a Kanaka Maoli, but to expand her foundation to uplifting other Kanaka Maoli to be successful in anything they put their mind to.

Recently, Davis upholds her work as Cultural Capital Fellow through First People's Fund in which she chose to carry out her career by sharing traditional art forms such as lauhala weaving, natural dyes, and kapa reminding those she encounters that the discipline and mindset alone for these practices can thrive in all methods if they looked deeply enough.

Davis also paired up with Ho'aka Mana, a non-profit Native Hawaiian Organization to support their efforts in skill set building for Kanaka Maoli on the continent to connect them to the land of their ancestors in Hawai'i while building connections and integrating language and culture into their work. This has elevated the work of "ULANA" in what Kanoelani see's as a weaver of many things, in the workspace it would be a manager but with deeper, connected understanding. She shares the cultural and traditional methodology of Ulana, so that the mentee is able to connect an innate part of their being into who they are today within a Western system. She currently is mentoring an Ulana and a Po'o Haku Hana (project director/coordinator).

Along with other connections, PoMahina Designs worked with Kamehameha Schools - Kāpili 'Oihana Internship Program, which "seeks to provide Native Hawaiian students with the opportunity to engage with professionals within their fields of interest" "...providing college students with enriched career experiences and professional networking opportunities for career success."

This year there was a position for the Po'o Haku Hana (lead project coordinator), Raynn Dangaran who lead the 'Aina Hou: Sustainable Wearable Arts Project where her responsibilities encompassed, leadership skills, planning, coordination, and hosting workshops and engagement pieces. Stay tuned for more information on social media and mark your calendars for Oct 22, 2022, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village (MAMo Wearable Arts Show) to see the final come to fruition in a fashion show.

In the efforts of aloha and appreciation from PoMahina Designs to Raynn, Mahalo for your hard work and for being a part of the 'ohana. It was a pleasure to work alongside you.

"Thank you all for joining me throughout my journey as an intern at @pomahinadesigns ❤️ Thank you Kanoe for all you’re help this summer, you truly are amazing! I hope to work with you again in the future. I’d also like to thank @hoakamana @alohaalwaysllc for your contribution towards everything, and your overwhelming support. Lastly, @imuainterns thank you for an amazing summer " - Raynn Dangaran

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