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Fatherʻs Day in Hawaiʻi by Raynn Dangaran

What does Father’s Day look like in Hawaii…?

Father’s Day is a day where we honor our father’s, fatherhood, and how father’s influence families.

Father’s Day in Hawaii is not much different from anywhere else. More specifically, Father’s Day to me is about taking a moment to spend quality time with my father.

We go through everyday busy with school, work, and other responsibilities, and sometimes we forget to take a moment to really appreciate the people who have huge impacts on our lives.

Me and my family begin every Father’s Day with breakfast, that I take the time to prepare for him.

Although such a simple act, this start to the day allows me to take on a responsibility from my father to in return show him my appreciation for everything he does. In my opinion, it is those simple things or moments that really honor our parental figures.

Raynn & Dad

As you can see, me and my dad love to work on projects and although that may not be a huge or grand gesture, my family focuses more on the quality of the time we spend and appreciate the great simplicity of our gratitude.

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