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Who would have thought that a small island gal would ever get to visit New York City, let alone Fashion Week? Invited by Oxford Fashion Studio to attend as PoMahina Designs on the runway in September, it is not only a neccessity but a priviledge to see what it’s all about first hand.

Fashion Week begins as early as February 8-14 and starts in the morning to late at night. PoMahina Designs was given the opportunity to attend this year’s fall collection series to view, learn, and grasp what Fashion Week will entail in September 2018.

As PoMahina Designs prepares for the adventure to the big apple, we invite you to our LIVE INSTAGRAM & FB LIVE FEEDS to see what all the hustle and bustle is all about. We will do our best to vlog and post updates here as well.

Visit our Instagram @pomahinadesigns and our Facebook page @Po Mahina.

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