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PoMahina Designs hits the grounds of Dublin, Ireland; Featured in Swanky Magazine

London Pacific Fashion Week takes its designers and models to Ireland!

Who would have thought that a Molokai girl who resides on an island 32 miles long and 10 miles wide with no stop lights or major franchises could find her designs around the world?

Davis, owner and creative designer, of PoMahina Designs, stands strong as an Indigenous Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), steeped in history and culture, driven by the natural environment, and yet her work is found on runways, museums, and shops internationally including London, England; New Zealand, Tahiti, Morocco, Dubai and now Ireland.

Kanoelani came from a humble beginning and it started with being in "survivor" mode; what does that mean? It meant the survival of historical and traditional names of elements and their mana that was slipping away with time and it meant the survival of family as a single mother raising four daughters full time.

Since then Davis has earned her way to the top and continues to work hard and dedicate herself to her culture and her family.



Fashion: Kanoelani Davis of @PoMahinaDesigns

Fashion Photographer @SteveLilly7

Creative Director @AnaLavekau

MUA @GabriellMUA

Accessories Meraki

Location: Royal Dublin Society | Dublin, Ireland

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