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Reflecting on 2020 and our desires for 2021

Hey viewers, hope you’re doing great so far. As we all know, 2020 is behind us and we get to say goodbye, which means we can embrace the upcoming challenges and find new success for 2021.

PoMahina Designs made great shifts at the beginning of this new year, I went into partnership with one of my team supporters in deciding to make changes in our lives and hopefully the lives of others.

Happiness is the key to success and here we are willing to discover new ways to earn it. We are presenting a new way to join the world with our podcast.

MANA Bombs Podcast powered by PoMahina Designs. It’s me, Kanoelani Davis, and Kulani Jeremiah-Wong being vulnerable; expressing our challenges and successes in the art of sharing. 2021 is waiting for all of us and we are here to entertain and be with you throughout the year.

Everything in this world is affecting us in some way, shape, or form, is time to forge ahead with faith in our hearts. As a small business, I who experienced many challenges & I can happily say that’s in the past and that I am here giving a warm welcome to the new day, a new year, and to all of you out there.

If there is one thing we learned in 2020 that was very helpful for us, it’s that we need to be quick in our actions for success. For example, if I'm struggling financially or even emotionally, I just need to get up and make things happen, and if I can't? Then it's my efforts that will work to my success.

In 2020 I learned about the importance of being self-reliant and resourceful, minimizing and seeing the difference between need and want. Our daily MANA Bombs on Instagram (@pomahinadesigns) has helped many get through these rough times and has been consistent in homes for nearly seven years.

People know and love to talk about it even more day by day. So in the form of a podcast, we decided to bring more happiness and fun to our lives. This brings joy not only to us but to all the beautiful people out there and we hope to make it interactive and eventful.

In our breakout podcast; episode 1, my partner and I amped up our good vibes for 2021. Despite being busy in 2020, we recognized that loving, caring about yourself, and giving time to our abilities is the best way to live. So that's what we did.

In episode 1 we do a quick introduction and talk about how 2020 was eventful and share our "one word" to describe it in a fun-loving way.

Discipline and challenges were our words, what yours? Please feel free to leave your comments below and check out our first episode on ANCHOR or laugh at our raw footage on YouTUBE. Disclaimer: we are still green to this world and learning / growing as we go. Enjoy the journey with us and know nothing will defeat us in elevating.

What’s one word to describe 2020? What is your desired goal for 2021? MANA Bombs is not about giving pieces of advice and explaining what’s good or bad for people. It’s about sharing experiences, personal stories and journeys and how we get through them. How we struggled, what we have faced, and how we came so far.

Inspiration is a key to great success and we are here to inspire you, spread care and happiness among people. To encourage you that not a bad day or any bad decision can change your whole life. Every new day comes up with new hope and sunshine.

Let’s work hard, stay strong, and wait for our turn. You are not alone; we are there at every step with you. Feel free share your experiences on our social media, we would love to interact with you.

To keep our FREE Daily MANA Bombs Inspirations and Podcast going we need you! If you’re feeling inclined, please visit our Patreon page to see how you can help and enjoy more perks as well. Visit: PATREON

Until then Goodbye! Stay safe! Stay happy and stay healthy!

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