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**To view photos of our available patterns click the "View Patterns" button at the bottom of the page, you may than select the design of choice from the selection list.**

Universal Scarf

SKU: CSC33-1
  • PoMahina Designs has your universal scarf. This is an exciting product that is catching the eye in any occasion. The lightweight, breathable, microfiber fabric is also wind resistant and extremely comfortable to wear. You can wear it in many different ways: neckerchief, headband, wristband, scarf, hairband, mask. There are no irritating seams or hems. Elastic and retains its original shape, and it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

    To see our variations in patterns and designs scroll below or choose a design from our drop box. Please allow three weeks to create, each piece is made upon order and with aloha from Molokai.

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